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I'm super glad you're here! My name is Noah. I'm an Electrical Engineer by day and a Blogger, Content Creator, and Hustler by night!

⚒️I believe that work was always meant to be a gift. That meaningful work can be found, created, and enjoyed. And when meaning is found in your work, the quality of your life is enhanced, and each day is greeted with purpose. Furthermore, I believe financial freedom is found when you enjoy and are passionate about your work.

🌻With this in mind, I’m an advocate for entrepreneurship. The quickest and most effective way to find meaningful work is to create it, to start something of your own, and enjoy watching it flourish and bring great benefit to those around you.

🔁Here at BizGrips™ I focus on skills, mindsets, and habits that any average joe (like myself) can develop in order to start your own business... From scratch!

🙂Great businesses are built by great people. Most of the things I write about are not my own original ideas, but ideas I have discovered and come across, digested and expanded upon in order to bring fantastic content to those aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals out there with dreams they want to pursue.

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📝Topics I cover:


Also known as hustling... This is an area to develop that leads to more getting done! Especially at the start of something, a lot of hard work has to go into creating something of your own that will lead to financial freedom, time freedom, and lifestyle freedom.

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Mindset and Character

What is the main separator of the successful and those that never make it? Mindset! Having the right mindset is the secret sauce to keep going even when things seem impossible.

Take lots of shots, miss a lot, make very few. Realize the "very few" shots that land will, over time, compound. This is what we do!

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  3. How To Overcome Fear
  4. How To Motivate Yourself


Yep! We're gonna need skills to make this voyage! These are tips and tricks that either I have discovered myself (through trial and error), or have researched and read about.

"If you want to build a house, you have to know how to chop down a tree"

~Noah (That's me)

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No... We don't live in this world alone. As entrepreneurs we should not only do good work, but realize who we are doing it for: Not numbers and figures, not human beings, but PEOPLE!

As we learn and grow and begin building our own structures for success, we engage with the world around us in certain ways. We want to strive our best to live everyday with a purpose, driven by values, and to help others do the same.

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