Gone are the days of a "one size fits all box". The internet is changing things. As a rule of thumb, millionaires no longer inherit their money from a prior generation. In today's world, thanks to the internet, when it comes to millionaires it's a case of "who's next".

What Am I Doing Wrong?

The realm of online business is an interesting place... Do it right and you've found your ticket out of wasting the prime years of life working the next 40+ years at a soul-sucking job you hate saving at your chance of a more relaxed life (retirement).

Do it wrong, and you'll spend countless hours, and dollars, banging your head on a desk, fixing mistakes you made months ago, trying to figure out why nothing is working (yep I've been there).

Here's the deal: starting an online business is confusing! There is a lot of information out there claiming to have the newest, best online business  model...

I totally get it, I have been there wandering the endless pit of self-help, guidance, tutorials, new tricks, snake oil, and the sleepless nights of confusion and doubt. When I started my own online business (BizGrips), which I'm still growing working, and learning, it seemed like I was all on my own. For the longest time I was just doing what I thought was the best course of action... But that was the problem, it was all me. It was all what I thought. It wasn't very guided, nor was I being as tactful as I thought I was.

It wasn't until I started doing some serious research on what separates the successful online businesses from the ones that stagnate and crumble. And that is exactly what this article is all about. This is not the Next Best Business Model, nor is this the Get Rich Quick Scheme this is simply me, a guy navigating his own journey to self-employment, sharing with you the main tip that I wish someone shared with me:

--> How To Build a Solid Foundation <--

This is the one thing that most online business models fail to recognize... The power of having a solid foundation. Without a solid foundation an online business is doomed to fail.

Is Building an Online Business a Hopeless Pursuit?

From personal experience to statistics it seems like building an online business is doomed to fail. Let's stop and think about this for a moment:

The largest online business model is affiliate marketing, and according to a recent study, about 48.36% of affiliate marketers are earning $20k per year while only 3% are earning over $150k per year

This means that over 51% of affiliate marketers make less than $20k a year, many make nothing. And this statistic only includes those that are still chugging along... This doesn't even include the vast majority that give up within a few months.

On top of this, this year alone, it's estimated that over 80% of blogs will fail and based on a 2020 survey by Orbit Media, 21% of the blogs that outlast the year won't have clear direction if their blog is delivering any sort of value what-so-ever.

But there is hope! An online business is still the best, most-proven way to avoid a boring life, and escape a miserable job that suckers you in with the idea of "saving for retirement", or as I like to put it "selling away your best, most-able years of your life for the chance (not even a guarantee) at a few relaxing years at the winter of your life".

The Light at The End of the Tunnel

Creating an online business is still the secret to designing a lifestyle that allows you to spend more time with your family, friends, travelling, and all the while helping others, and creating exceptional value into this world.

The journey to self-employment is a long, dark, lonely road that oftentimes seems like everything is against you. But don't lose hope. When we take a few deep breaths, slow down, and do our research we can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel... We can distinguish why some succeed and others fail.

And I can sum this all up into what I like to call The Five Pillars. Which I have thrown together an exclusive completely FREE course:

Digital Foundations Course

But before I get ahead of myself, 'cause I'm ecstatic about this course, why do I call them pillars? Because these five assets work together to create a firm foundation for ANY online business model. When one pillar gets stronger, the whole building is now more stable. When set up correctly, when one of these assets takes off, so will the others. When one starts getting traction, so will the others. This is the secret to compounding growth.

What Are the Five Pillars?

So, now we're getting to the real meat and potatoes. The five pillars are as follows:

  1. Website/Blog
  2. Custom Email Address
  3. Facebook Page
  4. Instagram
  5. Pinterest

Now, let's dig in see why I consider these to be the five pillars... The secret to your online business succeeding. Stick with me friend and we'll make it out together!

Website and Blog

Owning your own website is like owning a real-estate property. It's important to realize that when you are partaking in any social media marketing with things like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you are essentially "renting" their property. At any moment it could be taken away from you.

Owning a website is different. You own that. It's a exceptionally powerful long-term strategy that snowballs over time generating MASSIVE traffic. A website keeps your audience updated about your business. On top of that. a website greatly increases your ability for social exposure on social media.

Before exploring social media, and "renting properties", make sure you own something first.

Custom Email Address

And by custom email address I mean an email address that is tied to the same domain as your website. Aside from being able to be used as a powerful marketing strategy and keeping you out of the "spam" folder, this builds brand awareness and credibility.

Imagine your insurance agent emailing you from a gmail account. Would you trust it? No, that'd be fishy. If I got an email from [email protected] asking me to update my payment methods that's going straight to junk.

Facebook Page

No, you can't technically own your Facebook page. Like I said, you're renting this. But this is necessary to "humanize your business".

Aside from being the second-largest online audience with over 2.6 billion users, Facebook has a unique ability allowing you to personally connect with your audience.

You see, we are all people (duh!). People want to be part of the human experience, to connect and to be part of the adventure. This is what Facebook is exceptional at!


Over the past few years, Instagram has shown massive, rapid growth. And it has no sign of slowing down. Just check out this graph:

On top of this outrageous growth, it resembles Facebook a lot in the sense that it allows you to make your business more relatable. Furthermore, ads on Instagram are cheaper and less saturated than Facebook ads. This is great for growing brand awareness!

And get this! Having an Instagram allows partnering with influencers a breeze! Which in turn allows you to take advantage of their massive audiences. How cool is that!


Oh Pinterest... Pinterest is the sleeping giant here. Not many people have hopped on this band-wagon yet, which is great for you and me!

You see, as of January 2021, Pinterest ranks as the 14th largest platform in the world in terms of global active users.

And their rankings aren't the real juice... The juice here is the type of people that Pinterest naturally brings in. According to recent polls, 85% of "Pinners" use Pinterest to plan projects.... Which means they are HUNGRY for inspiration, products, and resources.

A Gift: The Digital Foundations Course

So, now this is super neat! This course is completely FREE! Because, honestly, I wish I had a course just like this when I was starting out. It's a sad road going it alone, I was there, and I don't want anyone to have to be in that position.

Like I said, the real trick to having a successful online business is having the right foundation.  No strategy works without having a solid foundation.

The Digital Foundations Course offers strategic guidance on EXACTLY how to set up these five pillars.

Due to the numerous amount of online-business models out there, this course is designed to lay the foundation to any online business. To reiterate: This is not a business model. This is the foundation that aims to lead any online business model across the finish line. This is all about BUILDING MOMENTUM

What you will get:

  • FREE video course that goes over how to setup each one of these Five Pillars. At the end of the course you will have obtained a domain address, setup a website, created a custom email address (e.g. [email protected]), built a Facebook Business Page, launched a Business Instagram, and assembled a Business Pinterest account.
  • Automation Tips and Tricks to make these Pillars run on autopilot, so that they continue to grow and grow without your constant care and attention
  • Exclusive access to the BizGrips Facebook Group. This is a growing Facebook group that I started to create a community of like-minded travelers who are all on this journey to self-employment, financial freedom, time freedom and lifestyle freedom. It's a group or those of use who are not currently where we want to be, but know where we want to go. A place where we can ask questions, give answers, share successes, losses, and lessons learned. Because life is too great, and oftentimes, too difficult to go it alone.