🏫What Did I Learn Today?

When you are trying to start a business, it feels like you are climbing a mountain. There is the top of the mountain, and that is where you want to go, and then there is the steep slope, and dense forest and that is everything between where you are now, to where you want to be (self-employed).

Invest something profound of yours if you are taking this seriously. Some of the best motivation to follow through on something is to “get your own skin in the game”

The best way to start a business is to just take steps, see if they work out, if so keep doing them, if not stop and reevaluate.

When you mess up you’ve really learned two lessons:

  1. What not to do, and what doesn’t work
  2. What to do, and what does work.

Failure is a great teacher.

⚒️What Am I Working On?

New Training Course

🥡Key Takeaway

To start a business, invest something profound to ensure you see the journey through, and then begin taking incrementally small steps.

🙏What Am I Grateful For?

Videos, and other people online I can learn from and grow with.

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