🏫What Did I Learn Today?

When you’re not feeling motivated, you still have to do something. This past week I have been feeling absolutely no motivation. This is terrifying to me.

Ironically, this comes after what I would consider a win. A larger piece of my overall plan has fallen into place, and now I’m kinda just stuck waiting to see if the rest of the strategy works out.

Waiting is dangerous, because it really is the killer of momentum. I’m trying to just find things to do while I wait to see if that strategy works out.

⚒️What Am I Working On?

A few new blog posts of my blog.

🥡Key Takeaway

Once you finish one project, just jump right into another one before you know the results of the previous one. The last thing you want to do is lose your momentum.

🙏What Am I Grateful For?

Sledding. I got to go sledding this weekend, which I haven’t gone in years and years. It really is the small things, and who you do them with, that can make life so beautiful sometimes.

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