🏫What Did I Learn Today?

In his book The E-Myth Revisited, Michael talks about the importance of having the correct perspective when starting a business.

Many small businesses start, and never grow because they were started with the perspective of “What work has to be done?” When this happens, the business is not built on a foundation made to last. When the business begins expanding, the owner no longer knows how to handle it, all they know how to do is the work that the business does. This leads to an over-stressed business owner that is just surviving.

In reality for a business to be successful, it has to be started from the perspective of “How must the business work?” When the business is started from this mindset, the business can begin to grow, and eventually, with the right systems in place, you (the owner) won’t have to be present at all for it to be successful.

⚒️What Am I Working On?

I’m adding to The Digital Foundations Course

🥡Key Takeaway

Perspective often leads to action. Actions lead to outcomes.

🙏What Am I Grateful For?

I’m grateful for good conversation with good friends.

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