🏫What Did I Learn Today?

I learned the importance of having depth between your subject and the background in videography.

I just finished reading The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. Was an excellent book for people looking for a different perspective on what true wealth is.

Wealth, as defined in this book, is not a crazy amount of money, but rather a crazy exciting life. A life of travel, and “mini-retirements” scattered throughout life.

To live a life like this requires the creation of a “money-making machine” that is automated and runs on its own.

⚒️What Am I Working On?

I’m working on marketing the Digital Foundations Course.

🥡Key Takeaway

Time, and experiences spent with loved-ones is far more important than money. Finding a way to make passive income is the secret to getting more time to spend doing “exciting” things.

🙏What Am I Grateful For?

I’m grateful for my car. It’s a small thing I normally take for granted, but without it I’d be stuck.