# 🏫What Did I Learn Today?
There really is a difference between being busy and making progress. I have a perfect example of this... Lately I have been going through the process of reorganizing my blog, in doing so, all of the links got messed up (my old blog used a linking structure that included the date of publication in the link, my new one did not).
I spent hours going through each post and changing the links, only to stop and realize the absurd amount of time this was going to take. I did some research on how to change the linking structure which took maybe 10 minutes to find a good tutorial, learned a little bit of CSS, and BAM all links were now correct!
# ⚒️What Am I Working On?
Marketing the Digital Foundations Course
# 🥡Key Takeaway
As Tim Ferris explains in *The 4 Hour Workweek*, there’s a difference between being efficient and being effective. You can be efficient all day long at something that doesn’t get you any closer to your goals. We need to be effective, not just efficient.
# 🙏What Am I Grateful For?
Coffee. Really, I love this stuff. Without it I’d be doomed.