"The greater is our sphere of influence, the greater the responsibility." - Radhanath Swami


Does the term "spheres of influence" confuse you too? Don't worry as you aren't the only one. Indeed, most people wonder what is sphere of influence. But the majority don't realize that they have, in fact, been surrounded by circles of influence but never recognized it.

What are spheres of influence? It refers to the people in your network who give importance to your opinion. Anyone can become a part of your circle of influence. These include co-workers, friends, and even acquaintances.

Interestingly, you can leverage these spheres of influence for your business once you recognize them. You will be surprised how this network layer can be invaluable in enhancing your company's exposure.

More often than not, your spheres of influence are right in front of you, but you don't realize it. However, working can strengthening your bond with them can be highly beneficial. It's because these people prove to be your biggest advocates and supporters. They bring you referrals and recommendations. Naturally, if you want to nurture these relationships, you will need to know more about the sphere of influence and how to recognize them.

The Role Of The Sphere Of Influence In Business

When it comes to business, it's vital that the people who are a part of your spheres of influence are trustworthy. And they must give weight to your opinions.

For instance, if someone asks you for financial advice and actually reflects on what you have to say, you can safely assume that you have formed a bond of trust with them. This trust can enable you to nurture healthy business relationships.

Here are some examples of business sectors where spheres of influence come in handy the most.


Property investments are a huge deal. It doesn't matter if you are buying a piece of land or a mansion; you can't manage the task without a real estate agent. You trust the agent to find you a great deal and pay him for his expert opinion and advice.

If the real estate agent indeed lives up to your expectations, you will, of course, be impressed. Wouldn't you recommend this agent to your acquaintances or friends who are interested in property transactions? Hence, you become a part of his circle of influence and vice versa.

You trusted his advice and went for the property he suggested. And in turn, you brought him, new clients. As his business grows due to your recommendation, he will place more faith in you and go out of his way to maintain a relationship with you.


Whenever we buy something new like insurance, we are at a loss to decipher how to select the plan which will suit our needs to perfection. Insurance agents help us out at this step. They evaluate our requirements and then make recommendations. By adhering to what the agent has to say, you become a part of their sphere of influence. And when you direct people his way, he joins your spheres of influence too.

Who Is A Part Of Your Circles Of Influence?

Before we start talking about leveraging the spheres of influence, let's guide you on recognizing them.

Get Acquainted With Your Network

Social media is an excellent place to start for this purpose. Use the channel that you are most active on, where you communicate with people most often. Take a close look at your followers, friends, or connections.

Make a note of everyone who is a part of your network. This list will include everyone in your circle, both personal and professional. Now start organizing them based on their importance for your business. Figure out who can bring you benefit in the form of referrals, clients, and investors.

Your Most Frequent Communications

After recognizing your network and the people who form part of it, you have to narrow down the list. You have to figure out who the people are who give value to your opinion. After all, isn't that what spheres of influence is all about?

Confused on how to determine this? Try to gauge who is likely to follow your recommendation. Typically, they will be the ones who you talk to regularly.

Analyze your recent texts, messages, and emails to determine who you have communicated with the most. And then figure out who among them can bring you referrals and business.

It's Time To Filter

Naturally,  your circles of influence cannot include your entire network. So it's vital to filter the list to form a more realistic group that you can work on.

You'll have to be quite scrupulous in this step. Figure out how many people you can keep in touch with at a time. And don't exaggerate! It's vital to be honest as you filter the choices. Selecting a large group of people for your circles of influence will only set you up for more challenges and disappointments.

Don't Cut The Rest Off

Just because some people don't form a part of your spheres of influence, it doesn't imply that you cut them off completely. Perhaps they will eventually become a part of your circle. Remember, your network will continue to evolve and grow as your business needs change.

So, work on strengthening the bond even with those who don't belong to your spheres of influence. You can use some tool that reminds you to maintain contact with your network.

Of course, it's also vital to evaluate your network regularly to ensure that you aren't missing out on someone who can bring a significant change to your business.

How To Retain Your Spheres Of Influence

"While everyone exercises influence, the size and strength of our influence depends upon our effort.  No one leads well without paying the price of discipline.  As we push ourselves to grow and to learn, we enlarge our sphere of influence." -John C. Maxwell

It's vital to keep in touch with your circle. You have to keep them engaged and interested to ensure that you don't slip out of their mind. But how? Here are some tactics that can help you out!

Use Social Media To Its Full Potential

One of the best ways to connect with your sphere of influence is social media. It is indeed a powerful tool that can ensure that you never lose touch with your network.

Maintain a potent social media presence. And if you really want to be taken seriously by your sphere of influence, ensure that you don't lose your originality. It wouldn't really do you much good if you post irrelevant stuff on your pages.

The goal isn't only to appear on their newsfeed. You want to remind them of your skills and expertise. Ensure that your messages and updates are focused and relevant. They need to be meaningful for your network.

Use Direct Mail

You can also use direct mail to ensure that your sphere of influence doesn't lose interest. It's a more personal approach and is inexpensive too. You can customize the messages, which will make your network feel more valuable.

Additionally, it's difficult to miss direct mails. Perhaps people in your circle fail to notice you on their newsfeed. But they are bound to read their mails, right?

Ensure that you keep these messages simple and targeted. You can let them know about your latest offer or a recent sale that you have made. The purpose is to remind them how your services can be valuable to them.

Work On Your Timing

How often you engage with your network is vital. And it is at this step that most people falter. If you post too rarely, you will be forgotten. And if you are too frequent, you will become a nuisance for them. Therefore, striking a balance is crucial.

You have to work on maintaining communication without trying too hard. A consistent schedule can make things easier. For instance, you can send them a monthly mail or post weekly updates.

With time, the people in your circle will get used to your emails and updates at particular times. They won't feel like you are forcing your way into their feeds.

Work On Your Services

Of course, nothing will work if you don't bring in the desired results. It's your work that does the talking. So your sphere of influence will only give you importance if you yield results.

You have to work on ensuring that you have a success record to boast of. And your track record will also enable you to market yourself in the best way possible.

Make it a point to share your positive results with your sphere of influence. They need to be aware of how you are faring in your field.

Use The Alliance Of Spheres Of Influence For Your Business Growth

There are so many ways via which you can solidify your relationship with your circles of influence. You can prove your worth and expertise via blogging. You can encourage your clients to leave online reviews and testimonials. And, of course, your friends and family are always an excellent source of referrals.

Yes, maintaining a sphere of influence is daunting. It requires a lot of effort. But in the end, it proves to be worth it. Fortunately, social media has made things easier. If you want to increase your company's exposure and retain clients, this is something that you must focus on. Your spheres of influence can be one of your strongest allies!

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