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If you made the best thing in the world, but no one knew it, it would all be mostly for nothing. Learning the proper ways to market your small business is a fantastic way to let the world know what you have to offer, and what you created. Marketing gives you the ability to find people that already agree with what you have. Good marketing is not about convincing anyone of anything, but rather good marketing is about getting really good at finding people that already need/want what you have to offer. Furthermore, marketing allows you to help as many people as possible. If you're looking to start a business, take the time to learn and master various ways to market your small business. If that interests you, then let's dive in!

Elevator Pitch

First things first... Come up with a way to passionately describe what you are trying to accomplish with your business in as few words as possible. This is called the "elevator pitch". Essentially, it's how you would explain your business to someone in the time it takes to take an elevator ride. Plan to be able to explain your business in six to eight seconds.

Having this tool in your back pockets is great for building your confidence in sharing your business with people. If someone asks why you started the business, or what is your business, you don't have to worry about fumbling over your own words to try and come up with an eloquent way to accurately represent your business.

Think Locally

First, as a small business it's important to realize the necessity of building good relationships with the direct community around you. After all, this community is what you primarily should focus on helping at the moment. It's said that the best way to start a business is to start by doing things you cannot scale. Starting small is a great way to market your small business.

This is so because things that can be scaled are less personal. The one thing you cannot scale is your own time. At the start of the business, you should focus on building real relationships with people, and to 100% invest in the first customers. This is not to say that the later customers are of any less value. It's just unrealistic to be spending such time with every single customer as your business begins to grow.

Think about your ideal customer, and where they would be spending their time. Go there, and meet people. Make friends. Consider hosting a local community event like a charity walk or something. This accomplishes two things:

  1. Brings the entire community together
  2. Brings awareness to your brand.

Thinking locally and building relationships in your community is a great way to market your small business.


To synergize is the interaction between two or more people that creates a combined effect greater than ever possible if done alone. A great way to market your small business is to find another local small business and partner with them. You agree to promote them, and they agree to promote you.

This shouldn't just be some random business that isn't related to yours either. Look for a business that can benefit from your service and you can benefit from theirs. For instance, you run a coffee shop and you find a local bakery. A bakery and a coffee shop can definitely benefit from one another. Why not team up?


Ways to Market Your Small Business

At the end of the day, most marketing is a form of networking. Good networking is good marketing. Go to events (even if you're introverted). Put yourself out there, and make it a goal to meet strangers.

A good network is a very challenging thing to build, but is one of the single most powerful assets a person can have and is a fantastic way to market your small business. Furthermore, the beautiful thing about networking is it can be broad. Get to know people in every field. Get known by people in every field. The art of networking is mostly the art of real conversation, and having the ability to move past small talk with every stranger you meet.

Make an effort to dig into what other people are passionate about and good at doing, and make an effort to make it known what you are passionate about and good at doing.


Another fantastic way to market for your small business is simply to ask existing customers to refer you to their friends and family. You'd be shocked at how many people graciously give referrals simply because they were kindly asked to do so.

Word of mouth marketing is my favorite type of marketing. Simply because it feels good knowing that people believe in what you are doing enough to back it with their own words.


Giving away free stuff is a great way to draw in traffic. Though, it's important to know depending on your business, this may not be the best source of authentic traffic. Oftentimes, people that would never get a certain thing will end up getting it just because it's free. Giveaways are fantastic way to market your small business however just because it brings in more traffic in general. The more people you bring in, the more likely you are to find those that actually truly support you.

Online Marketing

In our day and age online marketing is probably the most effective way to market simply due to how many people you can reach in such a short period of time. Online Marketing takes a while to get good at, but oh gee is it worth the steep learning phase. With things like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and blogging getting your brand name out there for the world to see has never been easier.

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