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Marketing is one of those things that most people dread doing, but is an important task. Even more so, small business online marketing can seem even more challenging due to the lack of information on your customer base, and the seemingly local feel of a small business. Becoming a great online marketer can send your business leagues above where you ever thought it would go. With the internet today we have have the ability to reach millions of people with nothing but a few clicks on the keyboard and a click.

However, in a world where everyone knows this power the internet gives us, everyone's attention is valuable, and getting to the point where you can gain the attention of viewers is no easy task. And, if you're willing to take the effort to master this, your business will have seemingly effortless traffic. If that interests you, let's dive in!

Understand Goals

In order to master small business online marketing, you must first understand your goals. To really dive into understanding your goals, invest time into understanding what your customers actually need. What separates a great business from a good business is a great business is there to server their customers, where a good business just make money by helping their customers. It's a mindset shift. And the mindset of a great business should carry over to how you perform your advertising.

We have talked before about "defining your audience". Put simply, your audience is a very specific group of people you are able to serve. When going about marketing visualize what your audience would want. And, if your business is built off of your passions, it should be easier to do this. Think to yourself "What did I wish I had when I was doing so and so?" And the answer to that is what your marketing strategy should make known to the world.

Maybe you're really big into investing, and you actually started a business that helps people invest their money the correct way. Think back to when you were starting. Maybe the learning process was exceptionally boring? Well change that. Make learning about investing so fascinating and engaging, that your customers strive to return and learn more.

Engage With current Customers

When mastering small business online marketing, consider each customer you have today heard about your business from somewhere. Maybe they heard about it word of mouth, or maybe from a post on Facebook? Regardless, talk to your existing customers and see how they heard about you. More likely than not, you'll uncover a common theme of how people are hearing about you. Capitalize on this. Focus your efforts on the most common way people are hearing about you.

Obviously it's working. Prior to expanding your marketing efforts elsewhere, dominate the area people are already hearing about your business. Once, you've won that area, move on and expand where else your marketing efforts go.

Generating Marketing Plan

The last thing you want happening is to end up spending twice as much on advertising than those customers can ever give you in revenue. This will only lead your business falling apart. The secret ingredient to mastering small business online marketing is understanding one metric: Cost Per Result (CPC). Cost per result is (the total amount spent on ads and marketing)/(number of results achieved).

If you spent $1000 on marketing and ads and got 100 new customers to make profit your customers must at minimum spend just over $10. Knowing CPC and Average Customer Value (how much each customer spends on average) will allow you to make a good judgement call on how much to spend on ads and marketing.

At the end of the day all you need is one ad that generates one dollar in profit. Once you have found this ad, you can just turn up the heat.

Content Evaluation

Remember, great businesses exist to serve, not to just harvest. When creating content or ads for marketing make sure the content is unique and useful. Furthermore, make sure the content is ALWAYS up to date and aligns with your goals.

Periodically, go back and update old content to ensure it's up to date with the current times, and where your business is at at the moment. And, never post anything that goes against your values and purpose as a company. Especially as a small business what you post will come to be a large part of what defines your business. How you conduct small business online marketing will be a large part of what drives peoples beliefs about your business.

Tracking and Analytics

Two of the most popular search engines out there: Google, and YouTube are both run by Google. Furthermore, Google offers a fantastic free tools that helps you track and monitor the effectiveness of your website. Why is this important? Well, because actually a great way to get more customers is through blogging for your company. Eventually, when your blog takes off you're going to want to know how well it is doing. This is where google analytics comes in.

With Google Analytics you can easily track where your visitors are coming from and how long they stay on your site. Furthermore, Google Analytics allows you to monitor what they do on your website.

Not to mention, since Google also owns YouTube, they provide analytical tools for that as well. These tools will show you how engaged viewers are of your content. Using this information you can post more effective videos that engage more people for longer.


When mastering small business online marketing there are three strategies you should adopt:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Blogging
How to Master Small Business Online Marketing

Facebook alone has roughly 2.6 billion users, YouTube has 2.1 billion users, and Google has nearly 4 billion. Now, many of these users are duplicates across platforms. However, the point is these three platforms present you with impeccable reach. As a small business, specialize in each of them, but take them one at a time. Maybe master Facebook first, and create a fantastic Facebook page for your business. Then move on to blogging, and write about updates your business is going through, or maybe how to's related to your business. Lastly, move to YouTube and become an expert in producing quality videos related to your business. Many people visit YouTube to learn how to do something. Show them how to do something unique, and get your brand out there while doing it!


In the end, a successful small business online marketing campaign is a lot of experimentation, and patience. During this process, the skills used that will inevitably lead to a successful marketing campaign will benefit your business for years to come.

Catch you on the flip,


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