Word of mouth marketing can be considered the pinnacle of marketing. That is, because it is more-or-less free. There are numerous benefits that come with word of mouth marketing, some of which include customer loyalty, brand name loyalty, and having a strong bond with the community around you. Whatever your business, it can most definitely benefit from word of mouth marketing. Want to learn how to increase word of mouth marketing? Let's dive in!

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Organic Word of Mouth Marketing

It's important to note that word of mouth marketing is seen as the pinnacle of marketing not only because it's free and develops a loyal customer base, but also because it may be the most authentic form of marketing there is.

Studies show that 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family. We all want to share those things that brought us great joy and satisfaction with the people around us, and passion is a powerful force. Knowing this allows you to know the power of word of mouth marketing. Furthermore, knowing these things allows you to see the flip side of the coin as well. The idea that people also like to share the bad news with people, to help them avoid the same mistakes.

There's a common saying that goes "Do good work, they'll tell ten people. Do bad work, they'll tell 100 people." Word of mouth marketing also acts as accountability. Though WOM can seem an undirected force, there are really to things that guide WOM for the better. These are having strong brand content, and great customer satisfaction.

Using Strong Brand Content to Increase Word of Mouth Marketing

Using strong brand content is essential for increasing word of mouth marketing. Having an identifiable brand allows people to attach their loyalty to that brand. As an entrepreneur and business owner, your goal should be to develop trust with your customer base, and that trust has to be placed in something. Let that trust be placed in your brand.

Another great way to develop strong brand content is to connect your brand with a worthy cause. This will help your business gain loyal customers, and also help the cause you are supporting. Your business should already have a desire to make a positive impact on the community; connecting your business to a worthy cause further displays this desire.

Equally as important, your brand should strive to provoke emotion in your community. Emotional provocation is what leads to passion about something. When we are passionate about something we want to share that something with others. Emotional provocation is something that should happen naturally when you closely tie your company brand to something you truly believe in.

Using Customer Satisfaction to Increase Word of Mouth Marketing

This goes back to that popular saying, "Do good work, they'll tell ten people. Do bad work, they'll tell 100 people." You should strive to make the process as easy for your customers as possible. Ensure you business has an easy purchase process. The last thing anyone wants is to struggle trying to give you their money. Make your your checkout process is simple, quick, and self explanatory.

Second, you want to only produce quality products. Quantity over quality is NOT the name of the game here. Quantity over quality only leads to more initial money, but is unsustainable, and your brand name will be polluted with the negative reputation of that product.

Ultimately, you want your customers to have something memorable about your business. And to have amazing customer service. Treat every interaction as an opportunity to impress!

Amplified Word of Mouth

This is not true word of mouth, but is the next closest thing. Amplified word of mouth is what I would consider "artificial" word of mouth. Yet, it is still extremely effective. Amplified word of mouth is the use of referral programs to get more customers.

These referral programs show your business actually cares about the community when your offer seems to good to be true. Typically, these referral programs have incentives for the one doing the referring and also for the one being referred. Your business will end up paying, somewhat, for these programs. However, the return can be phenomenal.

A great example of a referral program gone right is Harry's™. The program was simple laid out like this:

Referrer- There were stages of rewards. Five friends = free shave cream. 10 friends = free razor. 25 friends = free premium razor. 50 friends = free shaving for a year

Referee- Received 10% off their first purchase.

The results of this program where phenomenal! In the first week alone, Henry's™ was able to draw in 100,000 new leads and is now a billion-dollar company.


Word of mouth marketing is a beautiful thing. It is such a rewarding feeling knowing that your business is having such an impact on other people's lives they want to share it! As an entrepreneur, build a community, not a commodity.

How to Increase Word of Mouth Marketing - Community

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