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When starting a business, learning how to hire good employees is tough. Even large scale business owners will say hiring new employees might be their least favorite task. This makes sense too. An employee is someone you want to work for and with you for a long time. You will invest a lot into an employee. Furthermore, you are essentially looking at a sea of people and trying to find the one that best suites your business in a short interview session. And, on top of that , hiring good employees is essential to your business survival. That's a big burden. Since we don't just want to employ someone, but rather hire a good employee, there are steps we can take to weed out the bad, and make this process smoother. Let's dive in!

Finding Candidates

Before even beginning to look for employees, make sure your business' purpose is well ironed out. Know exactly what you want your business to do. For instance, say you are starting a coffee shop. Your business makes coffee, but that shouldn't be the purpose of your business. Maybe you want to bring the surrounding community together, and unite people, and you have seen that coffee shops have the power to do that. That would be your business' purpose: to unite the community, and using coffee to do that. Consider even writing this into a mission statement!

This mission statement is the first thing you should present to your candidate. See if they are on board with what you want to accomplish. Does it excite them? Does it just bore them? Knowing this off the bat will help you determine if this is a good employee to hire.

Use Ads As a Last Resort

Also, don't think that the only place to look for new employees is with an ad. This should be the last resort. Before posting an ad consider hiring from within or even hiring a loyal customer. These are both good options. When you hire from within, you already have a great working relationship with the person, know a lot about their character, and know they can be taken seriously as they have already devoted time to your business. Hiring from within is useful for higher-level positions. This will of course leave a vacancy for the lower position, which you will still have to hire for. however, it's better to post an ad for a lower position than a higher one.

Asking good, loyal customers to come work for you is a fantastic option when trying to hire good employees! Once again, you already have developed a great relationship with the customer. Not to mention, you know they are passionate about your business given that they keep returning again and again.

The Interview Process

At the end of the day, the trick to hiring good employees is learning to understand how people think. That is the whole purpose of an interview. And you, as the one hiring, should look to craft situations that force the candidate to show their true selves. This means, using common interview questions is a poor choice when searching for a good employee. In fact, many employers will come up with a list of their own unique interview questions. The reason for this is common interview questions can be rehearsed beforehand, and the answers, more often than not, are not authentic.

Take a Walk

A great thing to do during an interview is to take the candidate on a tour of the company. During the tour two things will be accomplished: you can real-time understand their true perceptions of the company, and also your current employees can be involved in the hiring process. During the tour notice how curious they are. Do they ask a lot of questions? Are they treating everyone with respect? Do they seem genuinely interested in your company? If the answers to any of these questions is "no" the candidate is most likely not nearly as interested as someone who checks all those boxes.

Furthermore, on the tour your current employees will get to meet the candidate. It's very practical to involve your current employees in the hiring process. After all, they are going to be working with them on the daily, so they want you to make the right choice. Having your employees meet the candidate allows your employees to give their honest feedback

Lastly, consider taking the candidate to lunch. During lunch, take the opportunity not only to get to know the person on a personal basis, but also to observe how they treat others. How do they treat the staff? Do they make eye contact? Are they patient? Lunch is a situation that can bring out the true personality of a person, and is also more relaxed for the both of you.

How to hire good employees - lunch

Ultimately, the hiring a good employee is in large seeing how the candidate treats others, and if they genuinely are interested in the mission statement of your business.


Don't fret the hiring process. Treat it as an opportunity to get to know someone. It's exciting when you find someone that takes genuine interest in something you have created! Not to mention, there's a lot of joy in being in a position to employ someone. It goes along with the saying "Give a man a fish, feed him for the day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime." Now, most likely you won't be employing this person for a lifetime (I guess you never know though), but you get the point. And remember, job posting ads should be used as a last resort.

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