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Why do so many companies these days boast of "great customer service". Or what's even the point in focusing on it, and putting such a burden on it? Well, it may sounds simple... If customers don't like you, then they won't come back. At the end of the day, that's the reason. However, from a business standpoint, there is a whole lot more that goes into why having phenomenal customer service is so important. Does that sound interesting to you? Then, let's dive in!

Why Focus on Customer Service?

A study done a while back in 2010 showed how poor customer service effected a business. What did they find? They found that businesses lost a staggering $83 billion annually due to poor customer service. This is an astonishing amount, however it makes sense. If customer service is, simply put, how a business attends to customer needs, answers their questions, and helps them understand the products and services the business offers, then being bad at this leads your customers astray.

Not to mention, poor customer service leads to very poor customer retention. Just because you have customers today doesn't mean you'll have them tomorrow. Good customer service leads to a fantastic competitive advantage where customers prefer to do business with you rather than other businesses largely in part of how your business treats them.

Furthermore, to have better customer service is to have the loyalty of your customers. This will lead to good reviews online which will in-turn lead to your business being able to reach more people and grow its audience. Also, better customer service leads to the most true form of marketing: word of mouth.

On top of all that, good customer service gives you a very rewarding service. Each day, you can look back at your business' mission statement and wholly say you pursued the core values of your business. Also knowing that your business conducts itself in a professional manner, and truly cares for its customers is likely to give the employees that work for your business a sense of purpose. Why? Because a great business is great because it takes its values and eloquently displays them to the world around it, and that's powerful!

What Good Customer Service Looks Like

So, put into practice, what does this all look like? Well, it looks as if your business was an extremely, caring individual. The best way to treat people right in any business is to see them as the individuals they are, and this is hard when you deal with so many on a daily basis. But remember, nothing that's worth it comes easy.

There are certain personality traits that need to be adopted by as many people as possible in your business in order to provide excellent customer service. First and foremost is empathy. Empathy is the power of a human being to not only comprehend the experience of others, but also to, in a way experience it for themselves. This allows us to truly understand what others are going through. Until you truly understand what others are going through, you cannot truly understand the problem that needs fixing.

Next, having good communication skills is a personality trait that is mandatory in order to provide the best service to the people your business aims to serve. Without good communication skills, the problem the customer is facing cannot be fully understood. To understand something the right questions have to be asked. Finding the right questions to ask is a manner of good communication skills. Also, with poor communication skills the problem cannot be effectively conveyed to other employees in the instance where you as an individual don't know how to help the customer.

To continue, providing great customer service requires an in-depth knowledge of the products and services your business offers. Make sure you and your employees have a good understanding of the ins-and-outs of the products and services you offer.


Don't forget, quick response time is a must. No one likes waiting forever to get the help they need.

In conclusion, better customer service = better business. Not just financially, but also emotionally. A business should be about helping other people, and because of this a business should excel in personalized service. That actually is the number one desired treatment of a customer. Be proud of the business you create! See the impact it has on others! I'll see you guys next time!

Catch you on the flip,


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