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As an entrepreneur and aspiring business creator your goal is to find problems, or a problem, and solve them well. If you think about it, all businesses exist because they solve some problem. Furthermore, solving problems, and solving them well gives you a sense of accomplishment and adds a layer of depth and purpose to the work you do. If that sounds interesting to you, then let's dive in!

Finding Problems

Sun Tzu once said, "There are not more than five musical notes, yet the combinations of these five give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard." Now, how does this relate to solving problems? Well, the world is full of problems, and solutions are made out of the simplest things. The unique set of talents and passions you have, and the combinations of them can be used to solve far more problems than are even fathomable. And the solutions to problems are equal parts passion and planning.

One of the great challenges of being an entrepreneur is creating a solution before recognizing the problem. To prevent that, we need to get really good at identifying problems that we have the abilities to tackle and solve. Understand that problems serve as the foundation for your business, and learning how to find problems to solve lead to your business excelling.

Create a List

As for many things, a lists is a great way to find problems to solve around us, and furthermore identify the ones we would feel passionate about solving. If there is no passion involved, eventually you will end up resenting the path you chose.

Start by creating a list of things you are passionate about. Once you have a list of things you are passionate about, take the time to go through the list and attach potential problems that exist in the world that are related to that passion. This can be a time consuming process, especially for people like me who have a hard time brainstorming. However, the dividends this process will pay are far worth the struggle.

Once you have a list put together of your passions with problems related to each passion, begin trimming down the list and ranking the ones that appear to be the biggest, most prevalent problem. Finding the most predominate problem tied to a passion of yours is the key on how to find problems to solve.

For instance, say you really like working with dogs. You've spent much of your time dog sitting for close friends, and helping them teach their pets to do various tricks and obey commands. This is your passion. Now attach a problem to it. For example, you might notice how there are very few all-in-one dog service providers. Very few companies do the whole process of dog sitting, bathing the dog, and dog training. There you go. Add that to your list. Doing this for each item on your list is a great way to find problems to solve.

Now that you have a list read through it and find the ones that rank at the top. The top meaning two things: you are most passionate about it, and it solves a great problem. Now you have a problem that is a great opportunity for you to solve. Go and provide a solution to this problem that is so well it is near impossible for anyone to provide something better. That is what all great entrepreneurs do.


How to find problems to solve - competition

Once you have found your problem to solve you need to consider the competition. More likely than not, someone else at some point in history has tried to solve this problem (maybe not, and if so go be the first!). Maybe they are currently trying to solve it, or they tried in the past and failed. Do your research and learn from their mistakes, and what they did right.

This will help you avoid the same pitfalls they fell into, and also will give you ideas on how to take what they did a step further to provide an even better solution to the preexisting one.

Also, if they are still going don't see them as the enemy. Don't pursue competition where competition doesn't need to be. Start small in an area that does not disrupt them, and if possible, an area that actually benefits them as well. Pursuing unnecessary competition poses threat against your business that doesn't need to be there.


Learning how to find problems to solve is an exceptional skill to have as an entrepreneur and aspiring business creator. Once you have your main problem that your business solves, you can expand over time to solve more problems. Thus, expanding your business and providing more value to the world and community around you.

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