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How does one discover talent and passion? Wait... Hold up... Why am I taking the time to write about "finding your passion" and "discovering your talent"? Because your business will flop without it. Or rather, the whole idea behind a life-giving business will flop without having your passions and talents backing your business. I truly believe that working was meant to be a gift. Joe Rogan had a podcast where he brought up this idea of bliss as sitting on an island relaxing all day and how it would actually be awful (check out the video below). In reality this would be awful, because we as people weren't meant to sit around and relax and do nothing.

Working becomes a gift when the passions and talents you have are realized to have potential to create immense value into this world, and help a vast amount of people. Working becomes a gift when you have the ability to monetize what you already enjoy doing, and in doing so create something truly beautiful that helps those around you. To do that though, you first have to know what you're passionate about. If that sounds interesting to you, then let's dive in!

How to Discover your Talents and Passions

Believe it or not, many people struggle with finding what they are passionate about. No fret! Think of it as a journey, and the journey itself can be exciting within itself. There's three main ways I've used to find out what I'm passionate about:

  1. Make a list of what you are good at
  2. Think of what you liked doing as a kid
  3. Take up random hobbies

The first two strategies to discover talents and passions are more introspective. However, simply taking the time to think about these things is extremely eye opening. Just start writing down a list, and whatever comes to mind that you think you are good at doing, or liked doing as a kid just jot it down. Don't filter the list just yet, and don't worry how small or insignificant the thing may be.

At the end of your list look for trends. The small, "insignificant" things might possibly all be related. The third way to discover your passion is to simply try random hobbies. I think this might be the best way. And to take it a step further, try hobbies related to things on the list you just created. You'll find out a lot of the things you tried you despise, but you'll also find things you love doing that you'd never have thought of before. Further more, this is a great way to get to know people!

Once you find certain things you enjoy doing, be honest and see if you have a natural talent at them. Some things are easier to learn than others and you can become talented at them, however having natural talent and then improving upon that natural talent is what leads to greatness. This is how to discover your talents and passions, but I want to take a moment to dig into the ones I would encourage you to really pursue.

How to Weed Out the No Go's

How To Discover Talent and Passion

Not all talents and passions you have are created equal. And discovering the thing you are most passionate about, and have the most natural talent at is such a weight off your shoulders. Joseph Campbell once said, "Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures." Once you discover this passion of yours you get to experience the joy found in moving beyond yourself.

However, I would stress it's more than just passion that is important to move one "beyond themselves". To truly accomplish this feat one needs talent. Why? Because passion without talent is an unguided force. Having a passion guided by talent is what will unleash your true potential in this world. It's the snowball effect: your passion for the talent drives you to practice the talent more which in turn makes you more talented. When you become more talented at it, your passion for it grows when you see the affect it can have.

Above all, when discovering your talents and passions consider how you can use your passions to create something of value. If you are passionate about, and very talented at something that has very limited ability to help anyone, you'll have found a hobby that can make you happy occasionally. But you'll never get to experience the building of something beautiful and amazing that helps others, makes the world a better place, and leaves a legacy. And I think this is what is meant when Joseph Campbell talks about moving beyond oneself. There is nothing wrong with having something you are greatly gifted at and passionate for that has no impact on others, it just won't be something "beyond yourself" though.


The combination of passion, talent, and potential value to others is the deadly trio that allows someone to truly create something of tremendous value and bring that into the world. And this is why I'm taking the time to write about how to discover talents and passions. And the crazy thing? Everyone has their own passions, and talents, that can bring value into the world. This is what being an entrepreneur us all about. This is what BizGrips™ is all about!

Not only is starting a business based around your passions and talents a blessing to yourself, but it ends up naturally becoming a blessing to the world. I just urge everyone to think about this today, and how different your life could be if you pursued a passion-based business, and what living a purpose-driven life would look like. I would suspect simply the thought of that would put a smile on your face.

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