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A very famous poet, Erica Jong, once said, "To name oneself is the first act of both the poet and the revolutionary." Why is this? Why are names so important? An entity has verbal recognition only once it has a name. The same thing goes for a business. A name is not only how people recognize your business, but it is the sounds that are meant to embody your business. When your name, as an individual is said, we want there to be a certain eloquence to it. Where people can tie positive adjectives to your name. Similarly, this is the same thing you want for your business.

When you are first starting creating your business, coming up with a great name is important. So, let's learn how to come up with a good business name!


The first thing to consider is the length of the name. The first step to come up with a good business name is to think of something that can be easily said in conversation. The last thing we want is for our customers to have to say a tongue twister to say the name of our business.

Think of short syllabled names. These tend to work best. And when you have an idea for a name, say it aloud to yourself multiple times in a row to make sure it flows smoothly.

Purpose of The Name

At the end of the day, the name you choose should convey meaning. The name for your business should say something about your business. For instance, Facebook™ conveys the idea of a book full of faces. Which, essentially it is. People find and connect with each other on Facebook, and one of the primary ways they do that is by looking at the persons profile picture... Their face.

Likewise, your business name should have a clever way of summing up the basis of your business in a short-syllabled name.


Now, oftentimes what we as individuals think are good ideas are actually in fact terrible ideas. That's alright! That's why we have others. Especially as entrepreneurs, we strive to work well with others! So, before settling down on a name, take the name and run it by a few close friends, or other people in your life. Get their thoughts about it. Does it sound good? Is it clear what the meaning behind the name is? Is it unique enough?

After gathering feedback from others decide whether or not to change it or continue on with the naming process.

Prior to Settling

Once you have a potential candidate for a good business name look around to see if it is already taken. As sad as it is, it's a very vast world, and people have taken many good business names. I've found the easiest way to check whether or not a business name has been taken is to search and secure a domain for it. If you have the ability to get a website using that name, more likely than not the name is not already taken, so go seize it!

Also, doing this kills two birds with one stone. Eventually you will want to get a website going for your business, and it's confusing if your website name differs from your actual business name.


Be excited about your name. Take pride in it. Maybe even go create a logo. Here is a great free tool to make fantastic logos. Also, if you don't like the logos created on logopony, consider using a platform like Fiverr.

Congratulations! You've just created a name for your business. This may not seem like a big thing, but thing of how far just a name will take you. After all, you've had your own name your whole life.

Catch you on the flip,


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